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We have MULTIPLE PATENTS worldwide with our technology

One of the well-known concerns of a producer is to prove the authenticity of a product. The blockchain is a technology created specifically for this type of problems. Checktocashup OÜ has a developed and working solution for off-chain validation of goods. The company has a patented product that works on the market. The mobile application is available at iTunes and GooglePlay stores under CheckOpti name. The solution sustainable and scalable will cost-effectively secure any produced goods. With the help of ethereum platform company will be able to merge solid blockchain world with the unpredictable manufacturing world.

Our idea


The underlying patented technology allows for applying the mark on graphical image, QR code, Aztec code, barcode, etc, as Digital Watermark that can by verified against encrypted data. The digital watermark is made to be read by various devices, for example smartphones for ease of use, via dedicated app, available free on iTunes and Google Store. Thus system is reliable, simple to produce and use, and at lowest cost possible.



With help from our team, contributors and investors these are the milestones we've achieved and are looking forward to accomplish.

2017 Q4
Proto era
  • Working product
  • Exploring blockchain as data storage
2018 Q2
  • ICO Strategic Plan
  • White paper draft
  • Partnership with Citowise
2018 Q3
All is set
  • Whitepaper draft is approved by legal experts
  • Website design
2018 Q4
Private sale
  • ICO website is ready
  • Whitepaper is published
  • ICO private sale
2019 Q1
Public sale
  • Public sale will take place
2019 Q2
After ICO steps
  • Improving scanning methods
  • Application performace improvements
2019 Q4
  • Relocating to cloud
  • Comply with any national laws on Personal data protection
  • Other improvements of the system
2020 Q3
  • Blockchain will be used to store and govern products data
  • Obtaining EU “Third Party Data provision” certificate
2021 Q1
Next product
  • Releasing CheckDocTM - a system enabling the checking of documents signed digitally or physically
2022 Q1
AI era
  • Improving scanning quality by inroducing trained AI system for unmatched image recognition
2023 Q1
Next products
  • Releasing CheckMediaTM - verification system of media carriers

Token Sale

The tokens will be available for transfer right after public phase of ICO

15 October 2018
120 Days
30%-50 Bonus Hard Cap 15 000 ETH
15 February 2019
30 Days
15%-30% Bonus Hard Cap 15 000 ETH
15 April 2019
45 Days
0%-15% Bonus Hard Cap 54,667 ETH
Join Our
Pre-Sale List
Pre-Sale Start at 1 January 2018
  • Token Symbol C2CU
  • Token Sale Start 15 October 2018
  • Token Sale End 1 June 2019
  • Tokens for sale 762 003 000
  • Token Price 0.00016 ETH
  • Max circulating supply 487681920
  • Sale duration 230 days

Token Allocation

14% Sold during presale
50% Sold during ICO
7% Team
7% Advisor
12% platform foundation
10% Grants and rewards

Operating Allocation

20% CheckDoc system
20% Blockchain
10% Security
15% Improved algorithms
5% Improved algorithms
20% Marketing
20% Marketing team in EU
20% Internation team grow
Meet The Team

Executive team

Our team is composed of technical experts, experienced entrepreneurs and passionate startupers

Alex Volohhonski
Alex Volohhonski
Alex Volohhonski

Being acting director and cofounder Alex is responsible for Business development, new product development.

Dmitri Marinkin
Dmitri Marinkin
Dmitri Marinkin

Dmitri has 20 years in banking client relationship management in the CIS/Russia region. He holds the degree in engineering with concentration in Automatics, Tele-mechanics (SSU)

Arthur Vader
Arthur Vader
Arthur Vader

Arthur is responsible for IT development and support. He has 22 years of HTML and CSS programming and designing, and holds and Associate’s degree in Computer and Systems Engineering

Eric-Erki Müür
Eric-Erki Müür
Eric-Erki Müür

Eric-Erki responsibility is IT development and support, mainly system and mobile application security and compliance. He has over 20 years of security and network engineering and several IT qualifications from Microsoft and major world universities, incl. MIT

Andrei Hristov
Andrei Hristov
Andrei Hristov

Andrei is head of Russian office with responsibility of relationships with suppliers, customers and general financial matters. He holds a degree in business administration (The North-West Institute of Management) and has 20 years in key management roles at financial and trading companies.

Irina Izyanova
Irina Izyanova
Irina Izyanova

Irina is responsible for relationships with suppliers, customers and general financial matters. Irina holds a degree in financial economics (International Banking Institute) and has 12 years in key management roles in finance and banking.

Samvel Avanessov
Samvel Avanessov
Samvel Avanessov

Samvel is responsible for Russia business development, general products development and relationships with suppliers, customers. He has the degree in Counseling psychology (Saint Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social Work) and has 10 years in business development.

Our Advisers

Max Zab
Max Zab
Max Zab

Max has been involved in many startups throughout Europe and has experience in all startup stages. As a professional web engineer, he holds extensive experience in dealing with all possible payment methods. He has a degree in Astrophysics and knows a lot about cryptography in quantum computers.

Aleksandr Kents
Aleksandr Kents
Aleksandr Kents

Alexandr is blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He is engineer in mind and entrepreneur in soul. He is proud to be founder of "Melior Clinics". Writer, journalist and public figure. Alexander believes that blockchain will revolutionize the world for the better and will open a new era of technologies.

Michael Burich
Michael Burich
Michael Burich

Michael has been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 15 years. In that time he has successfully founded, managed, sold and acquired different kinds of businesses some of which he is still involved with today. He is currently pursuing his passion in the fintech industry, helping startups change the world.

Denis Orlov
Denis Orlov
Denis Orlov

Denis is an inside-out blockchain enthusiast with a passion for highly performing solutions. With a strong background in philosophy, he seeks for challenging problems to find an elegant answer and to deliver the results under time pressure. He is a strong believer with a willing to provide a knowledge about new technologies and opportunities to people.